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"Alissia did a great job not just on my hair but also in her communication, punctuality, and professionalism. She's a skilled barber who did a wonderful job on my fade, definitely one of the top barbers I've had in the Orlando area. Would 100% recommend to anyone for a haircut/shave at home, at the office, or for a group at a special event."

-  Alex L.


 "Very professional and patient! Having a child with a disability it’s very hard to find someone who is patient and who understand the needs of those who can’t make it out to a barber shop like regular people. Thank you!"

- Fiona A.


 "Provided the exact look I was hoping for. The service exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended"

- Chris R.


"I really appreciate their service because they come directly to my house, which saves me a lot of time in my professional life. Great conversation, professional, and  goes above and beyond to make sure I'm pleased."

- Jean M.


 "What an awesome experience! My son was in ICU for 21 days and the shave and cut he received made him feel and look like a new man! He couldn't speak because of the trach, but his smile said it all! I can't thank you enough!!"

- Melinda C.


 "Amazing service, very personable & professional experience. Being in Orlando on a business trip, finding Alissia was a blessing for my husband to get a much needed fade & haircut. Excellent experience!"

- Chef R. 

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